Composing with mpix Rationale

Overall, I think my Composing with Media- mpix- was successful because it expanded the class’s knowledge of another media and created a good discussion about consumer behavior. Composing in this type of media allowed the class to see how they make decisions when purchasing items. The composing part of the day went well. Everyone was able to navigate the website well and produce varying gifts … Continue reading Composing with mpix Rationale

Schedule for 7/22

Schedule: Go over website, share and upload pictures together (10 minutes) Poke around on the website and individually choose one of the uploaded pictures and create something using that you would give to your best friend as a gift (5-7 minutes) Share with your neighbor what object you chose and explain why you did choose other objects (2-3 minutes) As a group, share each … Continue reading Schedule for 7/22

A Close Reading of Facebook

Looking at my Facebook feed, 1. I notice the changing advertisements on the side of the screen. The first advertisement is of women’s clothing. It’s not very surprising that this appears first on my screen because I frequently shop online.The second advertisement is of Paypal, which is the security website I use when I buy online clothing. Funny how that follows the first advertisement. 2. … Continue reading A Close Reading of Facebook


Digital Currents: Art in the Electronic Age by Margot Lovejoy Foreword and Introduction Touches on the evolution of digital art The Language of New Media by Lev Manovich Foreword New media is allowing us to become more creative in our innovations The Social Construction of Events: A Study of Institutional Change in the Photographic Field by Kamal A. Munir Analysis the change in … Continue reading mpix